Smith Mountain Make is a home workshop directly on the Roanoke River section of Smith Mountain Lake. What started as a series of craft projects to give away to family and friends turned in to an opportunity to share those crafts with the greater community. The current focus is mostly simple woodworking that relies on the use of a CNC router and CO2 laser cutter/engraver. The physical design of every project is completely custom and all of the fabrication takes place in the home workshop by the lake or at Vector Space in Lynchburg.

Andrew grew up nearby in Richmond with a strong passion for building and creating, then studied mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. After spending a decade in Los Angeles working in the aerospace industry he was happy to finally move back East with his wife to SML in 2021 to be closer to both of their families. He now works as a freelance consulting engineer but still has time to tackle various passion projects at home, some of which make their way to this store.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys swimming and kayaking in the lake. He and his wife just welcomed their first child in 2023 and look forward to spending time with her both in the lake and in the garage as she grows up.